My daily life at KISH!!

I am 8 grade. My school is KISH. KISH means ‘korean international school in hanoi’.

하노이 한국 국제 학교

I love my school!! I love my friends and teachers. I love my school life!! In monday, wednesday, and friday we do 7 period. In tuesday and thursday we do 8 period. We have 10 minute break time for each period. Lunch time is 50 minute. My favorite subjects are P.E, Science, music, and English. I love to learn those subjects. But my favorite time is lunch time!! I think most of people love lunch time. In these days, school meals are taste not good. Actually it is terrible! I just want to eat instant noodle. School meals are really really terrible. It taste like burn food. I think eat nothing in lunch is more better. Anyway I love school (except school meals;;). If who ask ‘what’s the best thing of your school?’ I will say cafeteria. I think cafeteria is the best of our school. This is reason why I love school. Cafeteria is amazing. Anyway, I love my school life at KISH!!


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