My dream!!!!!

Hello everyone! I’m hyun woo. My dream is being a great magician in future. I started magic when I was 7 grade. I started magic because of TV program. the program name was magic hole.


It was magic TV show. When I watch this, I want to learn magic. At first, I wanted to do stage magic but it was very expensive. So I stared close up magic(using small thing in magic like coins, card, etc) to use little money. After few months, I became little good at card magic so I did it to my friends for the first time. And then I feel that feeling. I love that feeling and reaction of my friends. After my first performance, I thought that I will be a magician. So I practice really hard. after few months, I became a amateur magician. I mean like that skill. I can know most of magic trick when I see. But I can’t do magic perfectly, so I have to practice more. Now I’m better then last month. I will practice more.

My favorite magician is Han Seol Hui.

다운로드 (1).jpg

He is famous for CD magic. In 2009 FISM(world magic contest) he got first price. I love his act. here is a video of is act!! I hope you guys enjoy!!

My favorite magic is call biddle trick! If you guys want to know what magic is biddle trick, just find in youtube. My favorite skill is call spring. Spring is this!! It’s amazing!다운로드 (2).jpg

My dream is being a greatest magician and win a first price in FISM!! I will practice hard!!


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